Chapter Kevin

Your Questions

I, the wonderful and jovial Narrator, am here to assist you. I’m sure you’ve had many questions like “What happened to my favorite character, Robby?”, “Why am I still reading this?”, and “I want Miss Marvel!”. Wait, that isn’t a question! Why were you thinking that, you sicko! You wanna know what she looks like?

Regret thinking of her as a blonde hottie now? In all seriousness, though, she’s a good person and I mean her no offense by using her for exaggerated story purposes and such. Speaking of using people for story purposes, we’re about to hit an all time record in the next few pages, so keep an eye out. It could possibly be you, and if it is, I’m really sorry. You’re only being used for your image and hardly anything else. Yes, I am just using you. I’m glad there’s a disclaimer in here so you don’t try murdering me the next time I see you. 

Disclaimer: Remember: I’m not making fun of you, I’m just making an alternate version of you who is probably dissimilar in such a manner that they do not even resemble you. I cannot stress this point enough!

Anyway, I’m about to answer those… heck, I’ll just make chapters for them! (Hint: They’re not necessarily the ones mentioned.)