Chapter Snowman Without A Torso, Making A Figure 8

Dreams from the Oboe Lover’s Mind Two

In Brandy’s mind, there is a forest. She liked taking walks in it, even though she always got lost. In the midst of being lost, she found a boy lying on the ground against a tree. His hair was long, curly, and a radiant brown color. I mentioned that because while the boy leaned forward on the ground that was all she could make of his head. He wore royal blue attire worthy of a prince, but that’s not important.

“I know you,” said Brandy, “I walked with you once upon reality.”

“You’re the one to talk! You’re always fainting!”

Brandy blushed.

“I just have a weak heart is all.”

“It’s not weak. It’s just incomplete.”

Brandy wished he’d move his hair out of the way to see his face.

“What are you talking about?” asked Brandy nervously.

“Brandy, how did you get here?”

“By walking, of course.”

 “Before that.”

“Hmmmm…. I don’t know.”

“Dreams are weird, huh?”

“How would you know this is a dream?”

“You just said a minute ago.”

“No I didn’t!” she said sternly.

“Ahh, Brandy. You’re an idiot. And that’s why I…”

The boy’s hands changed from a healthy pink color to invisible. His arms seemed to lose “stuffing”, leaving the sleeves drooping like curtains.


He didn’t move. She walked over to him and moved his hair out of the way. He’s….!…. a weeping willow?!?! She saw bark underneath the hair, which turned to leaves and branches immediately. She gave up and decided it was hopeless to meet him. She rested her back against “him”. She thought, “I should get some rest. It is the afternoon.”

Brandy closed her eyes and fell asleep. A frog nearby ribbited a lullaby. A leaf fell on her cheek.

Brandy had many dreams like this. In every one of them she saw the same boy. Yet his face was always obscured from her vision. She started getting to know the boy well. They laughed. They played. She never truly saw him. The moments when hair was out of his face he wore a mask with an empty red circle in the middle. How he saw out of it, she never figured out.

Every time the dream’s setting changed, the boy held her hand to make sure he’d be there with her. Whether it was during her dream sleep or in the middle of talking, he always made sure to be by her side and grasp her hand against the oncoming change. At first she was reluctant, but later when the change came, her hand was usually in his hours before the actual event. Life was great. Dream life, that is.

Finally, the day came when Brandy had forgotten what real life was like. She had grown accustomed to the change of scenery every so often. She would barely notice the sugar pine had transformed into a spire of ice and the porcupine into a screaming female restroom sign. In this world, her glasses never broke, the toilet never needed scrubbing (when one appeared), and the boy, whom she had never seen the face of, never left her side.


“Ah good, I was getting tired of the flaming rabbits on oil setting. This…. Are we on a sleigh?”

It was cold, especially in contrasted with the warmth of the boy’s hand. In front she could see giant furry creatures pulling the sleigh. All around them were steep ice walls. She felt she could reach out her hand and touch them. Above were two bright moons, one of them much like Earth’s was, and the other a calm blue. Brandy could see come color, but the walls disallowed her from seeing the rest. She tried looking in front, but the creatures (White Mammoths?) blocked their view.

 “I like this place!” said the boy.

The sleigh came out of the narrow path and into a meadow of snow. The expanse of the icy area was enormous. Above they saw something they had never seen: Aurora Borealis. The stars were impeccable, sparkling gems midst the black of the universe.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Brandy.

The two gazed up at the sky, then at each other.

“It’s not fair! I want to see you! I want to see the eyes of the man I…”



“You’ve grown a lot, Brandy. When I first met you, you were a little girl grossed out by the simplest hug. Now… Brandy, this is the last time I’ll see you.”

“WHAT?!?! NO!!!!!”

“We’ve been in this world together for almost a year now. Although this may seem like a long time, it was probably a day or two in your world. We need to return to it.”

“No! I want to stay here as long as I live! With you!”

“The world needs us more than we need each other.”

A tear fell down her cheek.

“Forget the world! We can escape it! We’ve already escaped it! We have each other! I need you!”

“Have you ever thought why?”

“No. It’s the way it is.”

“I barely talk as it is! You barely know me!”

“I’m a teenage girl! What do you expect? I’m in love with every boy!”

“What? Aw, forget it. The change is coming. Goodbye, Brandy. I’ll miss you.”

She tried grabbing his hand, but she just swiped at air.


“We’ll meet again….” He said as he vanished.


A black void. How fitting. She floated around aimlessly and closed her eyes. When she opened them once more, she was surrounded by four walls, three friends, and one night sky at the end.

Hey, guess what? I changed my mind. We’re going back to the main story. I’m sure most, if not all your questions will be answered sooner or later.