Chapter 1010

The Narrator’s Tale

Jeffrey lay crying on the table after having read his favorite series “The Starving Trials”.


That’s it? Really? Wow. My/his life is exciting. Let me just catch you up on everything that happened. Three years had passed since Penumbridge had been acquitted from office. Apparently, it’s the voters’ right to become Chairman of the Earth. Last they heard of him he flew into space with his vampire wings. Whatever had happened to his universe destroying machine? Nobody knew.

Jeffrey, after having learned he had a week to stop Penumbridge, immediately figured out it was impossible to travel to the other side of the universe in less than a week, accepted their terrible fate, and stared at an earthworm for an hour. Luckily, nothing happened. Life carried on.

Well, I guess that’s all that happened. I just wanted to give you a crash course on the latest occurences. I know it was short and boring, but don’t fret! Adventure is always on the horizon! And soon, good and evil will break their balance and clash for strength once more!