Chapter ЇЗ

n The

The sight of infinite white made them shudder. They could only think bad thoughts, except for Frank who kept trying to think of who Peon was along with bad thoughts. There was ground this time, though, which is a heck of a lot better than being stuck on a crummy raft for one hundred and one years. There was also a middle aged man in front of his desk staring at them. He screamed, “Kids! This isn’t Purgatory! This will only take a minute!”

They got up from the ground and resolved themselves.

“Okay, now where to begin… oh yeah! SARAH! Why didn’t you listen to me?! It’s all your fault! All those people… Can you live with yourself after that?”

“Maybe if you weren’t so vague I could.”

“I like your style! Nothing gets you down! Not even the genocide of millions of innocent lives! They’re all worthless, to tell you the truth. Just meat shields for bigger game! In the end, your entire life is just a stepping stone so the big man can cross the river. By the time I’m done with you guys, I’ll make sure you’re the stablest, most insignificant rock in the river!”

The kids stood there silently.

“Hi you guys! I’m the Ultimate Creator of Everything!”

Freddy asked, “Really? You created everything?”

“Yeah. Now you guys are in deep trouble! I have a lot to explain so try not to interrupt me. I’m going to explain what’s been going on. You know those teachers you’ve encountered? You’ve only encountered a few, but there will definitely be more! Most will be evil and soul-crushing, but some will aid you in your quest.”

He went behind the desk. The words “JOHN WILBUR” were on the wooden placard. There was also a laptop, a cup full of every imaginable color pencils, a cute pet rock with googly eyes, and a bright, shiny guava fruit.

He continued with, “I’m one of them. My name is John Wilbur. I am THE principal, unlike Mr. Held”

“I’m sorry, who?” asked Sarah.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I was thinking of someone else! You guys are the ones against Penumbridge, right?” he lied.

They all nodded.

“Fantastic! Go get him! Now, unlike him, I strive to keep the kids happy and the teachers nice, but things never go according my plans.”

“Yes they do!” said Sarah.

“Well, not this at least. Eventually the teachers formed a worker’s union known as CWAC. It stands for Cows With Apples Can. We don’t know what it means, but it surely isn’t good. After the recent events the teachers have noticed they can’t hurt you. They figured out something that could, though: other students! They’ve influenced them to hurt you and gut you like a guppy. The students seem unaware, or at least the ones I’ve watched. I’ve dubbed them as the Unnamed Unadults!”

He paused for a sigh, but it never came. He snapped his fingers. They all gave such a huge heave that they nearly gagged on their own epiglottises. He continued.

“They’re old and dangerous, but they’re mindsets are a little underneath the norm. Well, actually, some of them are quite normal, but the point is they can actually hurt you! You’ve already encountered three of them. I assume you already know who they are.”

They did.

“If you find anyone else who’s reluctant to give you their name, don’t trust them! They’re dangerous in some shape or form, whether you can see it or not. That’s how they get you! The only way they can’t hurt you is to tell them their real name! You should also try befriending them. They are people, of course, and they can do things for the people they like. On top of this, you still need to complete your tasks for Robby! You’ve only done one, so get to it! There are only three more books left! So, any questions? You only have a minute left.”

Frank asked, “Yeah, what books?”

“That’s big boy business. You’ll learn about it when you’re older.”

“No, I want to know!”

Mr. Wilbur silenced him.

“Can you give us their names?” asked Sarah.

“I don’t know their names! They’re from other universes!”

“I thought you were the Ultimate Creator of Everything,” rebutted Brandy.

“I created everything here. You know, all around you. Earth is my favorite place, by the way. We’re actually inside a cloud away from that giant down there, so we’re all safe.”

Sarah asked, “So you’re not really the Ultimate-”

“Time to go!”

The four of them vanished instantaneously.

Mr. Wilbur sat at his desk. He grabbed his mug and sipped it somberly. He dwelled on those big, white letters on the sides.

“Existence’s Greatest Creator…”

You wish you were!

“Ahh, shut up! You know you’re not even the greatest, most ultimate creator!”