Chapter I Drew A Dinosaur!

Oh Darn It!

They were going to spend the rest of eternity sandwiched by two primates if they didn’t do something before the end of time. None of them could think of anything to do, especially with Frank dying. Brandy reached down while holding her flashlight still and tried comforting him.

“Frank, listen!” said Brandy.

“Frank, there’s no need…” added Freddy before he stopped.

Freddy felt the kick. His body blurred and whirred. Freddy felt an augmented sensation, like a clock jumping from seven to six to five and back to one. His Psionics coursed and excited! He became a puddle. Freddy’s emotions deteriorated. He could not stop crying. Frank now lost response and could not be awoken. Through the veil of fear all he wanted was to not be anywhere and for Frank’s health.

PSI is a touchy subject which, in the eyes of many, is illogical. How a being can become magic itself is a strange phenomena! I cannot bear witness to many individuals with such great capacity, but I think it’s caused by the grouping of magic in certain regions, mainly inside soon to be mommies. No, not storks. I don’t even know what one looks like.

Freddy pressed his hands against Frank’s robe and lost any conscious concerns. PSI flooded.

Freddy, Sarah, and Brandy swirled about a globe. Freefall stretched all around it. Their lungs, organs, and bodies in general were transmuted into each other. They did not need to breathe, but felt pressure plundering forth. Fluid and amorphous, they drained betwixt the folds and spilled into their forms.

Freddy, Sarah, and Brandy were, amazingly, more stunned than the primates, both of whom were not stunned anymore. The primates looked onto the ground at Frank. The other ones were gone, leaving easy pickings on the ground. Their eyes lit the ensuing darkness.

Brandy, Sarah, and Freddy stumbled onto their legs.  Brandy tried crawling on all fours while Freddy and Sarah felt uneasiness in their esophagi. It burned. The air on the floor pecked at their skin and made them shiver. Brandy could see a lit sky before her. Freddy, with his nose pressed to the ground, made indistinguishable noises and felt like stagnating with the rest of the rot. He closed his eyes and hoped his daze would clear amidst the shivers.

  A shout rang out! Frank cried once, but then muffled and stopped. Sarah regained her senses and yelled, “FRANK!!!

The Queen of Mars thought she heard something.


She was now sixteen years old. The Martians, with their accelerated metabolisms, thought she was bound to die any day soon. They would wonder why she and her forefathers would live seven times longer than any other Martian before it was too late. The tainted Garnica regime would devastate the nationalistic Martians and soil their pride for the next decade thereafter if they discovered her obvious, yet through-no-fault-of-her-own ruse. 

 She heard this distant cry and remembered. She had given up the search to find Brandy after noticing there were a lot more people on Earth than she thought. Reports from the last visit to Earth forty years before stated there were only small bands and clans of them grazing the fields and pastures of the planet. Turned out there were six and half billion of them. The worst part: they were all eerily similar and generic. She couldn’t tell one from the other, save a few.

Laura grimaced and tried to repress everything. She begged her servant for duloxetine.


Sarah looked around. Brandy was fixing upon her feet while Freddy lay on the ground. The chimp could be heard crying with enthusiasm. The sasquatch cheered as well (rhythmically?). They were a ways off, by the sound of it.

Sarah was utterly embittered. She felt a great heave come across her lungs. Her eyes grew with streaming anger. She heard pops and cheers. This, to many people, is what would have reminded many a people of what they call a party. Sarah could not have known. She looked attentively at her surroundings and found a Random Plank of Wood. She ran her fingers along the grain as she picked it up with gleaming eyes.

Freddy placed his hands firmly on the ground and pushed himself upwards. He moaned slightly.


Freddy fell to the forest floor.

“SARAH!” screamed Brandy desperately, “WHY DID YOU-”


Sarah fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

Brandy croaked out under flowing tears, “WE CAN’T TURN ON EACH OTHER, SARAH!”

Sarah did not respond.


Sarah got up and forced an austere mask. She went over to his backpack and grabbed it swiftly.

“You can stay here by yourself. I’m leaving”

“Sarah,” continued Brandy after taking a deep, settling breath, “where are you going?”

“Silicon Valley.”

“She turned around and started.

“Sarah. Stop.”

She did not.

“Sarah,” continued Brandy, “You are not going to leave Freddy here. I hope for your sake you feel guilt.”

“He didn’t.”

“Freddy didn’t try to kill Frank. I don’t know what he was trying to do, but he wouldn’t do something like-”

“Hey, I just noticed something.”

In the blink of Brandy’s eye, Sarah aimed a small, red device at her.

“It’s dangerous for me to go alone. Stand up.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a Paper Cutter. It gives paper cuts and cuts things into paper. Get up.”

“No, Sarah. I am not going to let Freddy get anymore hurt.”

“Whose side are you on?” she said with an exasperated expression.

“Sarah, you need to calm down. There are no sides!”

Sarah took the safety off and made a click!

“You’re not going to paper cut me. You’ll be left alone without anyone.”

“What are you going to do?! Just wait for those apes to attack you and Freddy.”

Brandy looked down at Freddy, unmoving, and stuttered, “Yes.”

Sarah took the second safety off. Click!

“Frank wouldn’t have wanted this! He would want us to stay friends and help each other! Sarah, please count and think!”

Sarah counted out loud “One, two,…-”

The “three” was never heard audibly. Instead, either by coincidence or dramatic tension, a third click! was heard.

Brandy looked down nudged Freddy. He did not budge.

She said acceptingly, “Fine, Sarah, I’m on your side…”

Sarah put the Paper Cutter down.

“Come,” Sarah insisted.

Brandy paced forward.

“Don’t betray me like him.”

Brandy screamed, “He never betrayed you!”

Sarah put up her gun again.

Brandy took a breath and said, “Sarah, let’s just go.”

Sarah lowered her arms, but kept the gun in her hands. Brandy turned around and looked at Freddy once more.

The labyrinth was all but dispersed. Light shone from above and guided them through, even though they had no idea where they were going. The mist cleared around them, but still hid everything past a few hundred fifty feet. They walked for half an hour. The entire time Brandy didn’t speak to Sarah. But then that moment came!

“Sarah, I don’t think this is right.”

Finally, Sarah said, “I’ve heard you.”

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d actually talk to me. No, I don’t think this is the right way.”

“And why would you think that?”

“Because I haven’t been saying anything nice about you.”

 Sarah paused and said, “No, I mean why do you think we’re not going the right way?!”

“Because I hear something moving in the trees.”

Sarah listened. The wind shook the treetops.

“There’s nothing…”

Sarah realized what was happening and pulled out her device.


“Yes, I do want to go back, but I really think-”



Three clicks! went off.

Brandy, frustrated, turned with her left shoulder and ran back. She felt absolutely relieved.

Sarah took out her flashlight and held the device in her other hand. She kept trekking along the thin pines. She started seeing oaks in the setting.

*Chimp Shriek!*

Sarah looked at the rustling leaves above. Her skin shook as the beat emanated from behind the trunk of the tree. She saw chimp above pointing at her with fury.

“His eyes are so pretty…” she thought.

The sasquatch stepped from behind the tree. She turned on her flashlight and pointed it at the chimp. With her other hand, she pointed the Paper Cutter at the sasquatch.

The sasquatch received mortal damage! Slashes graced his body like a tattered raiment. Golden fur was stained red with blood. The chimp was stunned with a pinecone in his hand. The sasquatch fell to the floor and writhed. That’s when Sarah caught the wretched odor of the sasquatch. He smelled like cheese and eggs in a horse stable.

A dark, mystic woman appeared! Sarah was amazed by her apparition! She tried paper cutting her too, but nothing happened. Her red, glittery dress sparked like magnesium with every shot!

The girl stood over the sasquatch. She struck a pose. Then another pose. Finally, on the last pose, she yelled, “HEAL!!!”

The sasquatch was revitalized! He spun around, bounced up on all fours, and landed on two. The sasquatch looked at the woman with gratefulness. She smiled back. The bad smell went away, along with the girl.

Meanwhile, the chimp hopped off the armored branches of the tree. “Why was he moving?”, you ask. Sarah wasn’t there anymore, and neither was the flashlight. Just as the astonishing woman appeared, Sarah did the opposite. Not that she did it, but it happened to her. They couldn’t see anyone anymore and heard the silence’s grand chorus. This disturbed the sasquatch; he noticed he didn’t have his audio device around his head anymore. The sasquatch’s systolic and diastolic pressures increased to a near lethal level. A painful knock on his chest made him focus. He looked down at the chimp. The chimp signed, “I lost my ID!”

He signed back, “Are you kidding me?! Look what I lost!!!”

“Let’s look for it!” he signed with a look that could tumble trees.

They searched feverously here and there. They’d have to look a few thousand feet higher if they ever wanted to find them.