Chapte Ninetee

Robby’s Back! Sort of…

Two rhinocirrus clouds wondered why there was a limousine flying through the sky. They weren’t used to seeing them so clearly. Limousines were supposed to be on the ground! This disrupted the natural order. The clouds followed and attacked!

Bangs and thumps could be heard outside of the craft. The clouds were pummeling the limousine!

“Guys! Hold on!” yelled Robby (the chauffeur) at the newly acquired attendants.

There was nice, tan carpeting lining the interior of the spacious limousine, as Sarah noticed. She was lying on a row of seats perpendicular to the motion of the limousine. To her left was a shaded screen for the driver. To her right were Brandy and Freddy. They were seated and looking slightly tense. In front of her were slightly tinted windows but no seats. There was also a round wooden table in the center of the room with a (most likely) mounted vase supporting two yellow and red tulips.

Sarah unsurprisingly asked “What’s going on?!” as she held onto the armrest for support.

The limousine shook.

Freddy and Brandy looked at her expressionless. Freddy asked, “Are you feeling fine, Sarah?”


“Are you sure? Brandy told me how you…”

Sarah looked at him with confusion.

“Please, just tell me what happened!!”

“We’re in Mr. Held’s limousiiiiiine!” he said as the limousiiiiiine rattled.

“We are?” she asked.

“Yeah! See, after I was hit in the head I woke up and I was all alone. I was really worried but luckily I found my inborn courage and climbed a tree! It was exciting! I had never climbed a tree before! I splintered my fingers [showing his red hands] and made it to the canopy. I looked around but all I could see were trees. I looked in the sky and saw a small black dot.  Luckily it got bigger until hovered right above me. Robby, with his amazing new robot eyes, saw me in the thick of it! He transported me into the limousine in a kind of slipping motion and told me everything. There’s something important about that… oh, yeah! Mr. Penumbridge, I mean Mr. Held is back!”

Sarah oddly understood less. Freddy could see this.

“Ummm, see, Mr. Penumbridge came back to Earth. You heard the reports about his leaving of Earth, right?”

Sarah said nothing.

“Okay… He flew back down on the surface just a few days ago. Robby found his signal and… well, he turned into a robot. See?”

Robby was behind the chauffeur’s screen. Freddy called, “Robby!”

“Yes?” he said as the screen lowered.

Sarah noticed a difference in his appearance. For instance, his skin became a flushed blue/grey sheet of metallic alloy. In addition, he had LCD projectors for eyes. Sarah didn’t know LCD projectors were any good at gathering light. He had some red shaded light emitting diode on his head, turned off at the moment. His arms were a bit more… what are the words… flexible and jointed. She could see pink supports of a tutu on his shoulders as he stretched his arm into the passenger compartment.

“You guys can have that, by the way,” he said as a piece of him fell off. Oh wait. It was very familiar chromed headgear. “It only plays techno. What did you guys want?”

“Tell them what happened,” continued Freddy.

“About your minds being erased?”

“No- What?”

“Your guys’s minds were erased.”


“A while ago. What did you need?”

Freddy tried remembering his mind being erased, but failed to do so. He wanted him to explain but knew he wouldn’t and decided to change the conversation. Brandy and Sarah couldn’t hear Robby over the thumps and jostles.

“Uh, just tell them what happened to you.”

“I evolved! Remember? You know how Penumbridge evolved into Held? Well, I evolved into Robobby. I work for Frankfurt High School!”

Sarah thought it would be a good idea to break the ice with a joke.

“That would explain your new metallic square head!”

Sarah was, unbeknownst to them, practicing sarcasm. She didn’t mean the new part, therefore insinuating Robby had a metallic square head prior to his evolution. This therefore was intended to evoke emotions of crass hostility and dastardly humorous misgivings. Moreover, she had wanted him to cry.    

Robby brushed it off his shoulder without any notice and was about to say, “Yes it does,” before the limousine shook violently.

“HOLD ON!!” he cried!

The raised the screen manually with his somewhat inefficient clamps-for-hands.

Freddy asked after a minor pause, “So… Where’s Frank? And who has Diana’s Boyfriend?”

Brandy and Sarah looked with certain masks. Freddy couldn’t see past them and continued.

“Robby couldn’t find Frank down in the forest. Ooh, did I mention how Robby slowed time to a near stop to find you guys, Sarah? It was really cool! After telling him you guys were down there, I looked at him shift and he told me to turn around. I saw you guys slip onto the couches! It didn’t even look like he moved! Then he told me about his amazing mechagic powers which are much better than his previous powers! Did you know he can hover instead of fly?”

Brandy and Sarah looked at him intently. He wondered why they were so quiet. Then Brandy spoke.

“Frank’s dead,” she choked

Freddy tried forming a thought. A walrus with too many whiskers waded in the water. He drove himself on a sheet of ice and sulked.

“Yes, and?”

“Frank… was mauled by those creatures.”

The sheet of ice split like so many before it and the walrus was squeezed into the water. The water wrapped him and dragged him. He made for the land underwater and lamented.


“Your PSI,” added Sarah, “caused us to teleport away from him. We heard a scream a ways off and we never found him.”

The walrus found a cavern in the bottom of the Great and dug his head within. In it he could see nothing. The walrus felt serendipitous. Alas, his tusks too lengthy and his body too wide, the poor boy could never enter more than a fin’s reach.

“I didn’t hurt Frank. He’s not dead. He’s just gone.”

“You said Robby didn’t find him down there.”

The walrus wanted to watch the world from his own den. He knew what was happening all too well and wished he could just wonder. The walrus stuck his fin in the cavern and closed his eyes.

“Frank. Frank. Frank.”

“Freddy, don’t cry,” intervened Brandy, about to burst, “Freddy, don’t.”

The walrus let the ocean’s trudge take him away. He dreamed of living his days in the cavern. He dreamed of the wonders which lay in the cavern and wondered if he wasn’t right to begin with. He wondered no more.


Sarah screamed over the wallops of the limo, “Freddy, don’t worry! We’ll find Frank!”


Sarah walked over to the screen and yelled, “ROBBY! OPEN THE SCREEN!!”

Robobby shoved the screen downwards and asked, “Yeah?!!”

“Take us down into the forest so we can look for Frank! And help us too!”

“I didn’t see Frank!!! He wasn’t down there; trust mE!!!” as the limousine shook.

“I don’t care! I want to check again! Frank’s life is on the line!! We need him for your tasks!”

The limo shook once more.

“Okay, fine! I’ll turn around and we can check quickly! Maybe it’ll get these rhinocirri off of us! Wait in the concert hall in the behind the seat in the back [pointing to the very back of the passenger’s cabin] for safety!”

They all felt the vertigo of a sharp left hand turn. Sarah stumbled to the ground wordlessly.

The screen went up automatically. Sarah went over to Freddy and said, “There! We’re going to go look for Frank right now. We’ll find him down there!”

Freddy felt doubt, but he let his puerile optimism overtake him.

“You’re right. Frank isn’t dead. He’s just gone.”

Sarah and Bandy couldn’t believe it, but they felt a bit better.

Sarah said, “He told us to wait over in a concert hall, I believe.”

“Huh?” asked Brandy and Freddy.

Sarah walked over to the back seat and pushed down the back cushion.

Freddy asked Brandy, “Do you still have Diana’s Boyfriend at least?”

“No, Sarah has him. Sarah! You still have Diana’s Boyfriend, right?”

“Yeah,” she said with much struggle as she crawled into the backseat. A second afterwards, they heard an exasperated, “Whoa! You guys have to see this!” It echoed.

Brandy and Freddy stood up and walked over to the cushions in the back. Brandy looked in. She couldn’t see much, but she could see really far away.

“Sarah? What’s in there?”

“Come! Please!”

Freddy tried looking inside as well as Brandy was about to crawl through. He had similar results. Brandy crawled through the crevice and gasped. Freddy said, “Wait, I’m almost there!” with much excitement. As he neared the end, he could see enough to make it out.

The room extended oh-so far! The room had organized and bolted to the willing floor elaborate, sanguine seats along with other sitting devices, filed neatly row by row. Each chair paid its attention to one point of colossal extravagance to their right: the stage. The stage was set so eloquently with maroon drapes and champagne ropes. Spotlights of every color and one graced the stage, screaming streams of eye-gouging vivacity!  Behind the stage they could see moving backdrops bellowing scenes of peace and discord. If only there had been a play going on.

Freddy was awed! Sarah and Brandy were absolutely daunted!

“I can’t believe he wants us to wait here!” exclaimed Sarah, “I feel faint.”

“We’ll be fine, right?” asked Brandy after a deep breath, “As long as there’s no opera. Right?”

The entire room shook. It shook again.

Sarah mentioned, “This isn’t safe! What if the limo goes down?”

“Good idea!” added Brandy.

Sarah beckoned Freddy to crawl through. Freddy was inattentive. Sarah beckoned him once more and he morosely crawled through.

Freddy, on the other side, surveyed the vicinity. Nothing was different except for a missive on the table. It wasn’t a note, as he could tell, because in stenciled capital letters, the words VERILY IMPORTANT were printed. While waiting for the others to crawl through, Freddy grabbed the missive and read the following:


Dear Idiots,

I, Robooby [“Huh, he misspelled his name,” Freddy said aloud] , have jumped out of the limo because it’s going down-


Freddy’s eyes widened and screamed, “Guys, listen to this!!” He reread up to that oint and continued…


“I’ll just hover using my girly fairy wingjets and I’ll get back to the high school. Don’t worry about me; you know how much insurance is going to pay me for a crashed flying limo? I’ll be very fine! So, anyway, worry about yourselves, because, as I said before, you’re all going to meet a horrible, fiery demise if you don’t find some way out of here!


Hopefully all those capital letters got your attention before you put his down. I still have that jet fuel saved for you guys. You guys still have to do the other quests, though! You’ve completed two one quests so far.

You guys did a terrible job with Snow White! After the book got eaten, I looked at the remnants. It turns out she appeared somewhere in the cold depths of the universe! We’ll probably never be able to rescue her now! The only reason it’s completed is because the person who I owed the favor to, Cinderella, was crushed by a giant. Heh, it’s a small world after all.

You guys did very well with throwing away the trash! It almost makes up for the Snow White incident! You even threw it away in the proper trash can! Good job! Sorry, I mistook the wrong trash can. You guys need to take out the trash in Fillmore, California![Something clicked in Freddy’s mind] You probably don’t know where it is; Look for it on Google Earth!

Now please, hurry up, because you’re going to crash into a mountain in 5… 4… 3…-”

“WAIT!!!” yelled Sarah

The limo stopped falling.

“What?” asked Freddy.

“If you continue to read that, the limo will crash!”

Sarah was right. Freddy noticed a rocky mountain in the windshield. It was completely sedentary.


The mountain neared exponentially.


The limo rested on a large boulder.

“Everyone get out!!! And grab your stuff!” yelled Freddy.

The three of them reached out for their belongings scattered about the van. Brandy went to the door and pulled the handle. The limo did not have childproof locks, luckily, though she considered that it might be dangerous if a toddler fell 35,000 feet.

The rhinocirrus clouds floated away inconspicuously. Upon exiting the vehicle, fog hindered their vision. Brandy touched down on the dry, tan ground. Pebbles and silt were sprinkled across the ground like powdered sugar. Sarah and Freddy exited the vehicle after her. They looked at the limo, perched precariously on the fender on top of a grey, grey rock. It did not know fire would lick it black in a few moments.

“Let’s go,” said Freddy, “There’s more to the letter.”

The three walked away from the limo and made little effort to hurry Brandy and Sarah felt comfortably safe. The fog cleared as they strolled farther and farther away from a potential threat.

They were on a road high on some hills. Valleys creeped between the mountains. Dry grasses covered the hills around them with a few moss green shrubs throughout. It looked like the hills were covered topped with olives. They were in a chapparal ecosystem.  

After walking for a few minutes down the road, Freddy asked, “Do you guys think it’s safe to read the note now?”

“Yeah, I think so,” said Sarah

Brandy nodded.

Freddy brought the missive up to his face and read, “BOOM!”

An explosion rocked the mountain! A tremor made them almost lose their balance. They couldn’t see it, but pieces of limousine and concert hall were mixed with the pebbles and silt. The rock turned black like I thought it would. Curiously, after the cloud of smoke and debris would go away, the rock would completely forget anything had ever happened.

Freddy continued, saying, “You’re probably dead and can’t read this, but in case you somehow are, go to Fillmore. I’ll be there so I can help you and, if you’re dead, retrieve your corpses. There’s work to do and you’re due to work!



“Where do you think he is now?” asked Brandy

“He’s probably slothing about as children do his work for him. Do you know he’s only seven years old?” said The Ultimate Creator of Everything.

They looked at him.

“What are you doing here?” they asked.

“Oh, sorry! I just came to drop off a package!”

He held in his hands a small white box with a red bow on top.

“I can’t stand having this! I do not want to be responsible for it! You guys better take it! You’re luckier than me.”

“Are you going to tell us what’s inside?” asked Sarah.

“It’s bait.”

“There’s a reason for us getting this, isn’t there?”

“Maybe. What’s the problem with that? I just like helping.”

“Do we really need all this help?” asked Brandy.

“Yes! You guys don’t know what you’re getting into. Luckily this bait will help you catch the biggest fish this side of the hemisphere! You’ll need it! So take care of it like you take care of- [“Ooh!” he thought.] Diana’s Boyfriend!”

“You know his name,” exclaimed Freddy, “don’t you?!”

Principal Wilbur sighed.

“Yes, but I can’t tell you guys. That’s not the way it works! Giving away information on my students is illegal!”

“You have authorities?” questioned Sarah.

Principal Wilbur said, “No, but I have morals. Now, I’m leaving! Take care of the box for your own sake. I can’t get you out of every jam. Oh, and take care of Diana’s Boyfriend! He’s magically delicious and I’ll kill all of you if anything happens to him. In fact, I hope you all die right now so I can regrow him and, and…”

He threw the box into the air as hard as he could.

“You better catch it when it lands! Don’t let the bait break!”

He turned around and ran off the mountain, staying upright even as he sprinted off perpendicular slopes. They couldn’t see him after a while, but that was because had actually shrunken down and entered an ant hole. He then had dinner with a family of ants, which could only have dinner because he allowed them to.

Freddy, Brandy, and Sarah all stopped watching Mr. Wilbur’s antics. The late afternoon sun shined brightly in their eyes. Brandy asked, “So now what?”

Freddy answered, “I don’t know. I think we should go to Fillmore, definitely. We still have to do the tasks.”

“So let’s just keep going down this road?” asked Sarah.

“I guess so. Unless we decide to run off the mountain.”

They commenced their walk down the mountain path in the search for civilization. A few moments later, Freddy asked Brandy, “So Brandy. Where do you come from?”

Oh boy. Another background chapter.