Chapter E

Plan 9 from Sarah Pace!

Sarah Paced back and forth in the box she was inside of. She could only think when she Paced, and when she didn’t she only thought of herself Pacing. She sat down for a second and kept on Pacing afterwards. This is what she had been doing for the past fortnight. Finally, Zorb asked,”What are you doing? “

“You know, Zorb, I’ve been thinking lately. First off, why is Pepto Bismol pink? They should make it rainbow colored, because rainbows are like flowers with polka dots on them. Second, where are we? Third, who are you, since you weren’t here a second ago, and why do I know your name?” Zorb responded with, “Ummm, hey! What’s that in your hand?!”

Sarah glanced at her palm. “An apple? What’s this doing here?” She thought about it. The probability of certain atoms, under no apparent influence, directing themselves to form an apple is 21,024,527,983,000,000 to 1. “It’s a magic apple!” exclaimed Sarah.

“Why is it magic?”

“Anything with a low probability of happening which happens is magical. I’m not into magic so you can eat it.”

“Why thank you, Sarah!”

Sarah politely handed Zorb the apple. Zorb took one bite. And then another. Zorb took a few more bites. And then came a perplexed look on his face.

“Oh no!”


“I think I ate one of the seeds!”

Zorb’s eye/eyes bulged. A second or two later, Zorb exploded. The explosion left Sarah unaffected, although it did dissolve the entire box. Perpetual darkness was around her. No light. No sound, smell, taste, or feeling. She felt very light. The only thing she could see was Zorb’s remnants: one of Zorb’s noses and an Orb. The Orb was an amazing structure. The antiquity and nostalgia within could not compare to the presence without. An infinite amount of lights could be seen inside. Every time she stroked a few grew dim, yet others grew brighter. She knew what it was (luckily, her brain didn’t blow up). She knew where she had to go. Sarah took Zorb’s nose and leapt into the Orb.

Sarah, along with Zorb’s nose, went to the one place she knew she needed to go: Kokomo!