Chapter FORE!!!

Let me be Frank…

As I looked through the Sea-Glass Garlic, I felt a slight jab on my shoulder. A cold, fateful click! from a gun came after.

“I know what you want with me…”

A second click

“Let me explain…”

A third click! (Good heavens, how many safeties does this gun have?)

“I blame the president! It’s his fault we don’t have free healthcare!”


“IwantedtogetfreehealthcareforeveryoneintheworldsoIfoundanewteamofwierdos tohelpmefindtheLampofKaiserPermanentebutinsteadIgotsidetrackedbyanover  weightfairywhoreallyshouldnotbewearingatutuandsomehowendedupinfront  oftheSea-GlassGarlic!”

The sentry bot paused. It paused a few more seconds.


I heard a loud blast. A very deafening blast, indeed, as if lighting had stricken my ear.

“Oh n-” was the last thing I though before…

Nothing happened.

I kept expecting a bullet to pierce the end of my cranium. And yet, nothing happened.

Too scared to turn around, I looked behind through the very ends of my eyes.

There was something awfully close to me, blurring my vision. Suddenly, after focusing my eyes, I noticed it was a bullet. As a sudden reaction, I moved my head out of the way. The gun did not follow. I walked out of the line of fire. The sentry bots still refused to move. I thought, “What’s adventure without the chance of death?” I was slightly bummed, but quickly regained my spirits when I took the Sea-Glass Garlic. I stuffed it into my backpack and left the building. As usual, time was stopped outside as well.  I walked farther and farther from the area as everything gradually returned to its original speed


Frank, along with the Sea-Glass Garlic, went to the one place he knew he needed to go: Kokomo!